Will Sing for Food Truck is the eighteenth episode in Season 2 of Dog With a Blog.


After Gator fires Tyler, he plans to make a commercial to get his job back. Avery offers to sing, but is horrified by the mean comments on the video, especially by "CaptianDuckFart" or Heckler She decides not to sing anymore.

Chloe needs money, so Bennett advises her to start a lemonade stand, as he did as a kid. She makes gross lemonade, in a goldfish bowl(with the fish still in it) and stirs it with her hands. Bennet pretends that it tastes good, then takes over the stand for Chloe.

Gator asks Tyler and Avery if they could perform live at the food truck. Avery reluctantly agrees.

At the performance, Heckler comes and says mean things to Avery, who runs off. Tyler lip-syncs to Stan's words, pretending he likes chasing cars and barking at mailmen.

Ellen finds Avery and they have a mother-daughter moment, Ellen telling her daughter to sing. When Avery leaves, lemons fall on Ellen.

Heckler proceeds to love Tyler's "flow" and Ellen's "donkey laugh". Avery continues to sing, to his taunting, and singles him out.

Later, Chloe thanks her father for helping her, and gives him the charm bracelet she bought. He gives it back, and Chloe takes it quickly.

After seeing her sibling's commercial, Chloe decides to make a commercial of her own ad for her lemonade stand. Ellen participates but gets lemon juice in her eye.


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  • This episode puts some focus on the topic of online trolling.
  • Emily dated 5 boys after she broke up with Tyler.
  • This is the first time Emily is mentioned since Love Ty-Angle.
  • This is Gator's last appearance.
  • G Hannelius (Avery) is a singer in real life. She has sung in other Dog with a Blog episodes which are Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss and Stan's Secret is Out.



Dog With a Blog - Song Clip - 'Truck Stops Here'


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