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Wes Manning is a boy that previously attended Avery's and Tyler school. He and Avery broke up in Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss when he and his family moved away. This is probably because Peyton Meyer got the role of Lucas Friar in Girl Meets World.


Wes is an intelligent boy who is friends with Avery Jennings. He also has a crush on her.


Avery Jennings (Crush/Ex-Girlfriend)

Avery and Wes are mutual crushes who met in the episode Too Short. Avery immediately developed a crush on him. In Howloween, the two connect over their shared love of Halloween. In Lost In Stanslation, Avery attempts to tutor Wes in Spanish, with the help of Tyler and Nikki. In the end, he asks Avery if it would be inappropriate if he asked her on a date, and she unknowingly replies that it is. In Avery B. Jealous, Wes asks Lindsay out on a date, making Avery extremely jealous. In Avery-body Dance Now they go to the school dance together, Wes gets jealous that Avery is spending so much time with Karl and they reveal their feelings to each other and they become a couple. They break up in the episode Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss when Wes and his family move away.


Lindsay (friend)

In Avery B. Jealous, Wes asks Lindsay out on a date, to which she agrees. This almost nearly strains Lindsay's friendship with Avery but the two eventually make up.


Wes has short brown hair and tan skin. He is tall for his age.


Season 2



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