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That's my eyeball, that's my other eyeball, nostril shot!
— Wacky Jackie

Wacky Jackie (real name Jacqueline Bradley) is a rich actress in Dog with a Blog. She pays for everything in Stan's wedding. She is also a very crazy girl around people, including Avery Jennings and Chloe James.

She is portrayed by Olivia Holt.


Avery and Chloe were watching a video of Wacky Jackie performing various silly stunts on her webshow. Then, when she is picked by Chloe to fund Stan's wedding, she makes an entrance to the house telling everybody to "freak out". Avery then begins to question her sense of humor, thinking she only did it on the internet.

Later, Wacky Jackie is at the wedding with half of the crowd dressed formally (at Avery's request) and the other half like dolls (at Chloe's request).


  • She often pretends to be lots of different people, such as Sidekick Jackie, Doctor Jackie, Bull Jackie, and Uncle Jackie.


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