aka Sydnee Solomon

  • I live in California
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is Dog Trainer in Training
  • I am Female

About Me!

Hey! I'm Sydnee Michelle Solomon! I am 16 and love to water ski! I live in sunny California and I love hanging with my friends at the beach! I am a photographer and filmaker! I have an awesome dad named Steve Solomon, who is also an animal trainer for Good Dog Animals! I love acting and singing, but I am very shy! Oh! And I own a dog that talks! 

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Full Name

Sydnee Michelle Solomon


Syd Syd



Date of Birth

August 11th

Place of Birth




Eye Color


Hair Color



Dog Trainer in Training

About Micky!

My Dad adopted Micky from an animal shelter when I was 14. I've loved him ever since. Micky is a Golden, Aussie, Siberian Husky mix, and was born naturally blonde, but we dyed him for the show. My Dad started training Micky, and then we audition him for the show, Dog with a Blog, in 2011. Sadly, he was turned down because he was too young, and a very talented dog named, Kuma, got the role of "Stan". 

Kuma's Firing and Micky's Hiring

Kuma, a very talented and proffesional dog, got the role of "Stan" in Disney Channel's sitcom, Dog with a Blog. In the middle of filming his 5th episode, he had a violent seizure. His owner, Sarah Clifford, took him off the show because she thought they were pushing Kuma too hard. Micky, second in-line as "Stan", was hired. Micky has been "Stan" since the episode, "WingStan".

Is it Cool to Own a Famous Dog?

I get this question a lot. The answer is Yes, and No. 


Yes, because it really fun to hang out with the cast, and see Micky on Disney Channel.


No, because he's always on set, and he never spends time with his real family. He spends more time with his onset  family then his real one. He never has time to be a dog. 

Micky Before the Shelter

When my Dad got Micky from the shelter, they told him where he was rescued. Or his story before the shelter. Micky was found in a canyon, wandering free. Luckily some people on a hike spotted him and called animal control, and they took him to the shelter. He was very weak and only 6 months old. 

Did I Want Micky to Be On the Show?

At first yes. I thought it'd be cool to watch my dog on Disney Channel, a channel that I'd always watch as a kid. But when he got in, he was always there. Sometimes he would stay overnight at the set. I remeber one day, I was really sad. I remember lying in bed, bundled up in a blanket, at midnight, staring at ceiling while Dog with a Blog, "World of Woofcraft" played on my tv. Then I remember crying, and my Dad came in asking what was wrong and I answered with, "I'm a burrito of sadness." And that's all I remember. Micky still works long hours and stays overnight and most of the times I go asleep wondering what'd be like to have Micky as a real dog. Not as an actor. Just a family dog. Just a dog.

Does Micky Have a Fan Mail Adress?

The answer to that is not yet. But he does of a fan e-mail adress. It is! You can e-mail him, ask him questions, but remember to leave your name! Have fun with that!

More About Micky

I get a lot of questions about Micky, here are some of them:

When is Micky's Birthday: October, 21

What Kind of Food Does Micky Eat: Eukanuba

Is Micky's Spots Real: No

How Old is Micky: 2 yrs old

What Breed is Micky: His is a Golden, Aussie, Siberian Husky mix

Does Micky Like Being On Set: Yes. 

Is Micky Good At Acting: Yes, but sometimes he's too tired, or get distracted by his favorite chew toy, Mr. Chimps

My Favorites

Food: Crab Cakes

Animal: Dog


Movie: Darling Companion

Micky Pics

  • Micky and Blake playing on set!
  • Ella Anderson and Micky on set!
  • Kayla Maisonet and Micky on set!
  • Ricky and Micky on set!
  • Christian and Micky backstage!
  • Micky at an interveiw!
  • Micky and McKenna Grace at the DWAB Premiere Party!

Me Pics

  • Me and G at the DWAB Premiere Party!
  • Me, my friend Jessica, and Blake Michael at the DWAB Premiere Party!
  • Me, my friend Jessica, G, and Cesca at the DWAB Premiere Party!
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