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  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is Dancing and Singing
  • I am Female


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Ohaidere! :3 I'm PetLoverGirl, user of this wiki. You can call me PLG, Pet, or any other names people have given me - I love receiving new nicknames! I'm totally open to answering any questions you may have about anything, so don't let my status scare you away. I'm not a feral animal - I don't bite! c: I also visit the IRC quite often so you can find me there and hopefully we can chat! I hope this user page covers all your questions and queries about me, as well as some additional information if necessary. Other than that, feel free to browse around my user page. :)
PS: To navigate my user page, click the handy-dandy tabs above! ^^"

File:ExclamationPoint-main Full.jpg Person fluent in French here. If you're French-speaking and don't understand or need help with anything on the wiki, give me a shout. My first language is English, however, so my spelling in French won't be perfect. :p

Je parle couramment le français. Si vous êtes de langue française et ne comprenez pas ou besoin d'aide avec quoi que ce soit sur le wiki, donne-moi un cri. Ma première langue est l'anglais, cependant, si mon orthographe en français ne sera pas parfait.

AnimalLoverGirl means PetLoverGirl in French. So technically, my username is, PetLoverGirl!, for those of you who were wondering. ;)

Oh, it looks like you've found my tediously long about section! Well, go ahead and read it, but it might take a while! c:

If you only looked at my name, you might think I'm from France. But that's not the case! I'm American through and through. I learn French in school however, and I think it's such a beautiful language that I want to learn it! Contrary to popular belief, I am not new to Wikia. I've been a Wikia member since 2013, so for one year now. I know my way around the HTML and coding that this server uses, so if you need any help, I'm a message-online girl!
In real life, I'm a girl of *insert appropriate age here* and an avid Austin & Ally fan. I've been watching the series for over a year now, and the day my best friend introduced me to it, I knew it would become my new obsession. A few months later, I came across this wiki (scroll down for my full story on my wiki journey) and vowed to turn it into the comprehensive database Cloud 9 deserves. After a while, my ongoing goal is to continue to add to this wiki and finally complete it.
As for my interests? Well, musically I like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Ke$ha, BTR, and a large variety of songs that I enjoy. My favourite TV shows are Liv and Maddie, Austin & Ally, and I Didn't Do It. I love my friends and family. I love to read, filmmake, write, swim, hang out with friends, be crazy, eat sugar, run, play basketball, listen to music, dance, sing... etc., etc. My passions are photography, writing, acting, filmmaking, and fashion.
Personality-wise, I'm extremely hyper, friendly, crazy (but not literally), funny (well, that's what I'm told), and random. I am very energetic but I'm also really focused when I need to be. On the downside, I can be snappy, short-tempered, and moody at times. I try to only present my good side to the wiki; but when provoked, I do get angry. However, I almost always think before I post something, so my responses to provoking messages will at least be sort of polite (I hope?), but I'm not afraid to tell you to "grow up" and "act your age" if you're acting like you're in grade three. Spammers really irritate me, so don't spam and vandalize pages and you'll most likely get on my good side.
I think that about sums me up. If you'd like to know more, feel free to message me!

I stumbled across this wiki in April of 2014, and it was for the most part dormant: no active user, about nine or ten fledgling pages with very little content, and was sporadically edited by users every few months. When I first saw the wiki, I was struck by how lonesome it looked; but I decided that it needed a lot of work, and if I didn't do it, who would? Since I had a fairly decent amount of coding knowledge, I set to work on the front page, trying to make it look like the fancy front pages sported by most wikis. However, when I finished coding the main page to my satisfaction, I became inactive for a couple months, eventually returning for a few days in January 2013. I don't remember what I accomplished in January, but I do know that, like before, I became inactive again, but for about several months this time. In that time I took a break from Wikia, and later began contributing to several different wikis and learning more about coding and what a great wiki is all about. However, like most of my Internet endeavors usually go, I ended falling into inactivity on those wikis too.
A few months later, at the beginning of June, I came back to this wiki. In my long absence, several editors began adding very quality content to the wiki. When I came back, there was more information on the pages, but the wiki was still rather forlorn. It was at that moment that I decided I would work hard and try to adopt the wiki, and that's when the majority of my edits begun: I redesigned the main page and turned it into what it is now, added a bunch of pages, created templates, uploaded new images, and tried to add as much as I could to articles, but I think my main concern was having a place for everything. However, at the end of June I applied with the Wikia Community Central to adopt this wiki, and was granted admin and bureaucrat rights. I added to the wiki's menu and changed the background and logo, but I didn't edit as much as I used to.
In this time, a ton of amazing users began to edit the wiki. All of a sudden, the pages of Popular Wiki were filled with awesome content - and I couldn't believe my eyes. These spectacular users were helping to transform the wiki, and doing a damn good job of it too. With all this help, suddenly the wiki began to become what I had always wanted it to be - a quality TV show wiki. And the best part is that it's never stopped growing. To this day, with the help of its amazing users, Popular Wiki is thriving. And it's all thanks to you guys. Thank you for making this wiki great. <3

Below are all the things I'd like to accomplish on this wiki, feel free to read them and join me in making them a success!
• Create complete, comprehensive pages for every characters of EWW
• Create a nice background for the wiki (for helping the admins)
• Create community project pages, which are essentially groups of people working towards a common goal of improving one aspect of the wiki
• Create more specialized templates for the wiki

StarSue: This is my Spanish account, I founded the Every Witch Way Spanish Wiki with that account.

Obviously, if you're wishing to contact me about anything - questions, concerns, or even just to chat - my talk page is just a click away and is probably the easiest way to talk to me. I also visit the IRC (located in the sidebar, you can join the live chat with a click of a button) relatively often, so if we're both online at the same time, give me a shout! :3
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