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Tyler Gets a Grillfriend is the fifth episode in Season 2 of Dog With a Blog. This episode was watched by 3.2 million people.


Tyler finds an interest in the Hawk's niece, Emily. However, Emily's mom does not agree. Meanwhile Stan becomes a therapist, inspired by Bennett, and Chloe comes to see him after a falling out with Avery, because of Chloe and Ellen spend a lot of time together. In the end, Avery admits that she was jealous that Ellen was her mom first. Also Emily's mom decides after hearing Ellen and Avery talk about independence that Emily can date whoever she wants.


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  • This episode started filming on May 20, 2013.
  • The episode title may be "Tyler Gets a Grillfriend" because Tyler gets a girlfriend which he met while working at the food truck.


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