The Truck Stops Here
is a song that was first sung on "Will Sing for Food Truck" by G. Hannelius as Avery Jennings.


When your hungry for something good.

At Sumner Parks in your neighborhood.

Come down to where you can eat.

At a resteraunt that's in the street.

Don't come for the atmosphere, the truck stops here.

We spray for roaches so have no fear, the truck stops here.

Public bathrooms are very near, the truck stops here.

Come get it while it's kind of hot.

Served fresh in the parking lot.

Call out when you need a snack.

The owner sleeps in the back.

We clean the grease traps once a year, the truck stops here.

Weird smells aren't to severe, the truck stops here.

Indigestion's your souvenir, the truck stops here.

One bite and you're sure to cheer, the truck stops where? The truck stops where? The truck stops here!