The Puppies Talk

The puppies talk.jpg

The Puppies Talk is the seventeenth episode in Season 3 of Dog With a Blog. It aired on June 19, 2015.


Stan discovers that his kids, Freddie and Gracie can talk. However, when Gracie can't stay quiet forever, Ellen soon discovers that she can talk.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tyler Poelle as Graham Cavanaugh
  • Deborah S. Craig as Leslie Lindemulder
  • Marieve Herington as the voice of Gracie
  • Jessica Dicicco as the voice of Freddy


  • It is revealed in this episode that both Gracie and Freddy can talk, just like their father, Stan.
  • Avery makes a minor reference to Stan's New BFF.
  • The show Chloe was watching is actually from I'm in the band when Ash says he wants to be a cartoon
  • The picture is from the last scene of Stan's Secret Is Out.
  • This episode was released on Xfinity On Demand before it officially aired.


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