“The Parrot Trap”
Season 1, Episode 7
Air Date

January 13, 2013

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Alison Brown


Shelley Jensen

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The Parrot Trap is the seventh episode in Season 1 of Dog with a Blog. This episode scored 2.8 million viewers.


Ellen, who is getting tired of Stan destroying her stuff wants to make him an outside dog to his dismay. Avery, who also doesn't want Stan to stay outside tries to encourage Ellen to to bond with a animal. Ellen decides to take Avery's advice and gets a parrot named Lucy. The family is fascinated with Lucy at first due to her ability to repeat words but become uneasy with her when she starts acting aggressive. Soon the family except Ellen starts to hate Lucy when her squawking keeps them up at night. They try to cover the cage with a blanket but she rips it to shreds. After this Bennett calls the pet store to find out what to do with her. Even though he does this Avery, Chloe, and Stan try to figure out a way to get Ellen to start hating Lucy so she will get rid of her. Avery gets the idea to say bad stuff about Ellen around Lucy so she will repeat it.

They try to do this but Ellen figures out what they're doing. However when she goes into the kitchen it is revealed that she does hate Lucy but is trying to prove that she is a animal person. Later Lucy escapes outside and when she comes back Ellen scares her away. After Lucy escapes again Ellen reveals that she does hate Lucy and cries, thinking she can't bond with anything. Stan, feeling pity for her, licks her for comfort, greating a better bond. They decide to let Lucy live in the park with the wild parrots that live there. Meanwhile Tyler is trying to figure out whats wrong with a pretty girl named Rebecca since she is one of Bennetts paitents. He tries to figure it out himself but Bennett won't tell him. Tyler then gets Chloe to ask but she is unable to do so.

Later Tyler hears Bennett on the phone with Rebecca's doctor and starts to eavesdrop. However Bennett switches over to the pet store and and when Tyler hears the advice they give Bennett for Lucy,Tyler thinks it's for Rebecca. When he tries this she gets nervous and leaves. When he finds out that the stuff he tried to get Rebecca to like him was for Lucy, he meets Rebecca in the park, apologizes,then asks her out. Rebecca is unsure if she should and wishes she had a sign. Lucy then appears and says that Tyler is a jerk causing Rebecca to leave to Tyler's dismay and also their a lot of parrots that Tyler is a jerk, Tyler yells, 'Oh, come on!'.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Rachael Butera as the voice of Lucy
  • Kimmy Caruso as Rebecca
  • Jeremy Schwartz as Heckler

Running Gag

  • Stan realizing where sayings come from.


  • The title, The Parrot Trap, is a reference to the hit film, The Parent Trap.
  • It was rumored that Stan will unveil his secret in front of Ellen in this episode. Though this was false.
  • Stan said that they should open a pizza parlor for dogs called Pizza Mutt. Pizza Mutt is a reference to the pizza restaurant called Pizza Hut.
  • Avery made a reference to Robert Stroud, a famous Alcatraz inmate, by calling her mother,"The Bird-Lady of Crazy-town," while Stroud was known as, "The Birdman of Alcatraz."
  • First appearance of Lucy.


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