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The Hawk is Tyler's boss at the food truck.

Character History

Season 1

The Truck Stops Here

The Hawk hires Tyler to work at the food truck. He is introduced as irresponsible and a little crazy, but Tyler continues to see him as a friend.

Avery's First Breakup

Tyler accidentally crashed The Hawk's truck by removing the blocks from under the tires, not knowing what they were for. Left with nowhere to sleep, Tyler offered for him to come to the house, but his parents did not want him there, so he hid The Hawk from them by keeping him away at all costs.


The Hawk can be considered irresponsible, leading most people to believe he is a bad influence. Although he appears to be a wild and a little dumb, he is a good person and has some good street smarts. He lives in the food truck, so he does not appear to have that great of a job or a large amount of money.


The Hawk is short and overweight. He has short blonde hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.


Tyler James

The Hawk is Tyler's boss and best mate. The two get along well, and when Tyler crashed his food truck The Hawk took it very well.

Bennett James

Bennett dislikes The Hawk, thinking he is a bad influence.

Ellen Jennings

Ellen has the same feelings as Bennett does, believing he is a bad influence.


Season 1

Season 2


  • The Hawk received his nickname because Whenever he hawks up phlegm, he goes, "Hawwwwk, hawwwwk." Although he claims it's because he steals eggs from other people.
  • In Tyler Gets a Grillfriend, it is revealed that he has a sister and a niece.
  • Tyler's ex-girlfriend, Emily Adams, is his niece.
  • He runs a food truck that needs brake stoppers (rocks).


  • "I'm The Hawk!"
  • "It's because I steal things."


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