The Green-Eyed Monster is the fourteenth episode in Season 2 of Dog With a Blog.


When a jealous Stan spies on Wes and takes pictures, Avery goes to talk to him about what she saw. Because of this, Wes breaks up with Avery, leaving Stan responsible. Feeling guilty, he tries to make them reunite together, but this proves to be harder than imagined.

Meanwhile, Tyler is acting in Bennett's play. But what both parents don't know is that neither wants to help the other one. They confess this to Chloe, who is so busy playing her Rockstar Rabbit game, she doesn't pay any attention.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • Avery mentions how she "fake tutored to get close to a guy she liked" in Lost In Stanslation.
  • This episodes reveals that Avery is 14.
  • Throughout the episode Chloe's been giving Ellen and Bennett advice without knowing she was.


Stan: Don't worry, he didn't recognize me. I was in disguise.

Avery: You made him suspicious? Stan: You'll find everything you need to know in here. Avery: what why would you invite him to come over tonight?

Stan and Avery
Tyler: If you don't get me out of here right now, I'll never forgive you.
Tyler to Avery


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