“The Bone Identity”
Season 1, Episode 8
Karl Avery
Air Date

January 27, 2013

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Jim Hope


Neal Israel

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Stan Stops Talking

The Bone Identity is the eighth episode in Season 1 of Dog With a Blog. This episode scored 3.1 million viewers.


Avery is getting fed up with her nemesis Karl. When Karl hears Avery talking about how Stan has a secret (he can talk), he becomes determined to find out what Stan's secret it. He takes Stan to his house to try to Figure out what his secret is. Karl then begins to constantly try to figure out. When trying to figure out how to stop Karl Avery finds out that Tyler is a math genius, but he keeps it a secret. Avery gets an idea on how to have take down Karl which involves Tyler competing against Karl in the math competition. While talking about the plan to take down Karl, Chloe gets frustrated that they won't have go with her suggestions. While there Chloe tells Karl Stans "A Math Genius". On the day of the math competition,Karl is shocked that Tyler is competing, but when he sees Stan at the window,he believes that Stan is giving him the answers to the question. Later Karl has a breakdown and says that Stan is cheating for Tyler. This outburst causes him to lose. When he confronts Avery she leads him to believe that she set him up and that Stan is just a regular dog. It is also revealed that Chloe told Karl that Stan is a math genius and that is his secret. Meanwhile Chloe keeps wearing a magician costume to school so Bennett starts wearing an exact copy of it so it will be a problem for Chloe, but she still continues to wear it. So both Bennett and Ellen wear it and Chloe no longer wants to wear hers. Meanwhile, Chloe is obsessed with her new princess costume, but it is getting out of hand as she is selling pixie dust at school. Bennett continues to work on a strategy to make her give it up, which he calls "say yes-up to the dress-up" according to his book. Ellen becomes involved in the situation and she helps Bennett, although she is completely humiliated. In the end, the strategy works but Chloe moves onto a pirate phase.


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  • Avery: I'z been finked? What kind of brainless bafoon would buy those? Tyler walks in.
  • Tyler: Oh cool, they're in! And remember, I still have a mug and a mousepad coming!


  • As of this episode this is the final appearance of Stan played by Kuma.
  • The episode title is a reference to the 2002 film "The Bourne Identity".
  • Chloe makes a reference to Peanuts when she says "What was I thinking? Bleah!"
  • First Appearance of Karl Fink


  • On the shirts, it would have shown Avery holding the flowers.
  • When Karl lets Avery listen to the autotune, Avery's first phase is with her hands put on hips but then, immediately, her hands are straight instead of on her hips.
  • The design of Stan's blog is different in this episode.
  • While Ellen is reading Bennett's book and came out of the bathroom, the women's bathroom is on the other side of building.


"The Bone Identity" Promo

"The Bone Identity" Promo


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