“Stan Runs Away”
Season 2, Episode 11
Air Date

February 28, 2014

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Micheal B. Kaplan


Alex Zamm

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I Want My Nikki Back, Nikki Back, Nikki Back

Stan Runs Away is an episode in Season 2 of Dog With a Blog. It aired on February 28, 2014.


Bennett and Ellen let Chloe pick the family trip when it was two against two, but Stan tricks her because the other option would have been that he would be kenneled which is not his favorite place despite Avery telling him its a resort for him and other dogs to play with but he does not listen to her and thinks its like all other kennels. Chloe choses camping due to Stan telling her stuff that little kids would believe in. When Avery and Tyler found out what Stan did they scold him for what he did and why he did it also with Chloe upset that Stan tricked her then they get into a major argument about not wanting to go to the kennel, tricking friends and ruining chances with a whole new start with crushes, also Avery is upset that Stan didn't believe her about the kennel being a resort, which Stan protests and asks them if friends put each other in kennels. Avery gets more mad because Stan is not willing to accept that he can't always do everything with them also Avery still can't believe he ruined her chance to start over with her crush. Now Stan gets more mad because he thinks Avery does not care for his feelings about not wanting to go to the kennel and told her that she just like every other selfish teenage girl that puts her own needs before her friends and family. Avery hurt by Stan words lashes out at him by saying that he's not a regular friend that he's a dog which makes him upset and hurt by her words. Stan then runs away with Robert at night because he thinks Avery hates him also he thought Tyler and Chole were mad at him and want to find another family. They try to find him, but don't have that much time until they leave the camping zone. Stan on the other hand, ends up with a logger who is a tree hugger. Then Stan realize that he made a mistake and hopes to find them only for him to get drag by his new owner meanwhile Tyler and Avery left home to go find him while Chole stayed home to make sure their parents don't find out where they are. Just when the tree hugger was about to leave Stan hears Avery and rush to her then the tree hugger leaves then they ask the ranger for a minute with Stan which he gives to them then after he left Stan and Avery apologize to each other about there fight and Stan understands more about friendship which makes them closer then ever also he made up with Robert while writing in his blog telling everyone that he now closer with him then ever and then there a montage of Stan Robert having fun and doing stuff together.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Brendan Hunt as Bill
  • Ithamar Enriquez as Park Ranger

International Premieres

  • April 11, 2014 (Canada)


  • Avery: Guys wake up! Stan is gone!
  • Chloe and Tyler: What?!
  • Avery: I think he ran away.

  • Avery: Please, please, please tell me you found him.

  • Stan: So you're all turning on me?

  • Bill: I think I'll call you—Hachtooshta!
  • Stan: (thinking) Oh, that's beautiful. Is that a tongue indigenous to these woods?
  • Bill: Sorry, bug flew in my mouth.

  • avery: not important right now
  • tyler: or the time you viciously arm spanked me


  • This episode started filming July 8, 2013.
  • This episode originally had the production code 208, but was changed to 213, most likely because of a casting revison involving the role of the Park Ranger.
  • After Avery says her apology to Stan, Tyler makes references to Crimes of the Art and Wingstan by saying "Really? Even about the time when you broke my art project, or shaved a stripe in my hair?
  • This is the second time Stan has run away from his Family, the first time occured in Stan of the House.


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Dog With A Blog - Stan Runs Away Promo

Dog With A Blog - Stan Runs Away Promo

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Stan Runs Away Promo 2