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Stan Has Puppies is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 of Dog With a Blog. It's a one hour special, and It aired on May 8, 2015.


Stan and Princess have puppies, but Stan is afraid that he will not love them. While things are happening, Ian stops by, and he plans to take his puppies. The only way Stan's puppies can be safe is Stan going with Ian, so he can finish his experiments. The family needs to stay alert for his secret that will shock their parents.

The episode starts out with Stan coming home from a date with Princess. Karl, dressed up as a plant (showing that he was spying) tells Stan that Princess is going to have puppies when he walks in.



Guest Starring


  • Ruth Williamson as Gloria
  • Kevin Kirkpatrick as Kevin

Uncredited Cast

  • Daphne as Princess
  • Cree Summer as Unknown Woman's Voice


  • This is the first and only 1 hour episode of the show.
  • This is the first appearance of Ian Calloway since the Season 1 episode Stan's Old Owner.
  • Stan will have 2 Puppies and is going to be a father and Princess will be a mom. Their names will be Freddy and Gracie.
  • This episode is released early on the Watch Disney Channel App.
  • This episode implies that Stan hates hipsters more than cats with the quote: "We went to our favorite dumpster but it's going downhill---cats are starting to show up, before you know it will be hipsters."
  • The kids finally tell their parents Stan's secret of being able to talk, although Bennett and Ellen thought they were playing along.
  • Mason has a twin brother, Jason.


  • When Tyler locks Grace the Receptionist and Dr. Frederick Monfore, you can see that the door was never locked.
  • When Avery, Tyler, Stan, and Chloe are planning to go to the mansion, Karl wasn't really blending in the first time the curtains were shown.
  • Stan has puppies, but in a much earlier episode, he implies he is fixed
  • When they're at the spa, Avery, Chloe, Tyler and Stan run into Heather, who doesn't want them there. Heather wouldn't need an explanation to know that they're there to see the puppies, therefore removing the need for Karl distracting them and Avery having to pretend to show Karl Heather's affection.


  • Ellen: How could you have kept this from us?
  • Stan: Not now kids, daddy's blogging!
  • Avery: Someone please activate the knock out gas!
  • Heather: Breaking news: I don't care.



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