Stan's Dream Escape is an online game located at the Disney official website.

Stan is tired after a long day of blogging, and has dozed off. Play as Stan as he runs through, his wild dream of collecting bones, freeing poodles and avoiding cats!


Play as Stan, through four levels. To beat each level, you must collect all 120 bones and free all 3 poodles, while making it to the doghouse. Cats are patrolling with belts and flashlights, and if they catch you walking they'll get into a fight with you.


  • Left arrow - move left
  • Right arrow - move right
  • Up arrow - jump


  • The Parent's Problem
  • Tyler Trouble
  • Chloe Conundrum
  • Avery Adventure


  • When you go long enough without moving Stan, he will grab a red book and read.


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