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Rebecca Davis was one of Tyler's crushes in the episode, The Parrot Trap.


Rebecca was a patient of Bennett's for being too shy. Tyler thought she was the prettiest girl in school. After overhearing Bennett talking to the vet about the parrot, Tyler thinks that the suggestions the doctor gave were really for Rebecca. At school, he started shoving grapes into her mouth and blowing into her face, which made her flee. At the end of the episode Tyler meets up with her, apologizes and asks her out on a date. She says that he might be a nice guy to take a chance with and that she wished there could be some sort of sign to tell her, when a parrot (Lucy) comes down and says "Tyler's a jerk!". Thinking it's the sign she was looking for, she left.


While many believe she is stuck-up for not talking very much, the truth is she is very shy around other people.


  • "You aren't going to fruit me again?"
  • "I don't know if you're a nice guy I should take a chance with or this whole thing is way too weird"
  • "I'm not stuck-up, I'm just really shy..."
  • "I wish there was a sign."


Season 1