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Nora James is Bennett James' mother and the kids' grandmother. She used to make the kids do chores all day, but after learning Stan's secret, she treats them better and has more fun with them. But before learning Stan's secret she thinks it is her conscience speaking.


Nora passes out after hearing Stan talk.

Nora made her debut in Stan Talks to Gran. In the episode, she arrives in the James-Jennings family to watch over the kids while Bennett and Ellen go on vacation. After threatening to throw out Stan's favorite chew toy, he gets defensive over it and ends up talking right in front of her. However, she starts to think that she is losing her mind, and her subconscious is speaking to her in the form of a dog. After talking to Stan on the patio, she realizes that she is not the best grandmother, and needs to get closer to the kids. At the end of the episode, the kids decide to share Stan's secret with her.


Nora is slightly shorter than Bennett and has short, blonde hair.


Season 1

Season 2


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