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Maxine "Max" Morticia Edlstien is a friend of Avery and Lindsay. She debuts in Season 2 of Dog with a Blog. Max is portrayed by Danielle Soibelman


Max is shown to be a negative pessimistic person, who also possesses a sarcastic attitude and a bit of sass. She also speaks in a very monotone fashion and states she wants to date a weird and unique person in Avery B. Jealous. Overall she's a very nice person. Despite being the oddball of the group and being slightly different from them she is no less part of the group.  


Avery Jennings

Best Friend

Avery is one of Max's best friends. They get along really and hang out together a lot.


Best Friend

Lindsay is one of Max's best friend. They know each other really well and they get along really well.

Karl Fink


Max and Karl went to a school dance with Avery and Lindsay and danced with each other in Avery-body Dance Now. It is revealed in Guess Who's Dating Karl, that Karl and Max are secretly dating

Wes Manning



Season 2

Season 3



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