Mason is Chloe's friend on the series Dog With a Blog. He is potrayed by Griffin Kunitz.


Mason is a kind and nice boy who Chloe made to be his girlfriend. He is also very absent-minded with Chloe. His personality resembles that of Bennett, as seen in "Stan Gets Schooled". He doesn't really understand how relationships work, as he has play dates with other girls.


In "Stan Gets Schooled", Chloe makes friends with a boy named Mason from her school and then becomes his girlfriend. They copy an argument Chloe's parents have and this results in a temporary breakup, though they reconcile, and Mason is called gallant by Chloe.


  • Became a reccuring character during Season 3.
  • His twin brother guess starred along with him on the one hour special Stan Has Puppies.
  • He's similar to Evan from Liv & Maddie.
  • He has also dated girls named Tiffany and Molly.
  • His catchphrase is "I don't understand".
  • Has a running gag with him wandering to random place spouting "How did I get here?"

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3