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Lost In Stanslation is the eighth episode in Season 2 of Dog With a Blog. It aired on January 10, 2014. This episode was seen by 2.4 million people.


When Avery agrees to tutor Wes in Spanish so she can hang out with him, she needs to learn Spanish herself, first. So she enlists Nikki to tell her what to say through an earpiece that she'll be wearing, but when Nikki and Tyler start arguing, Avery's still repeating everything they say. Then after the tutoring Wes ask Avery in Spanish if it is inappropriate if he asks his tutor out on a date and Avery replies in Spanish very much, not knowing what it meant. Then when Nikki came over Avery ask her what that means. In the end, it is revealed Nikki is kind of jealous of Tyler and Emily.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Nikki appears in this episode.
  • Nikki's hair appears to be black in this episode.
  • It looks like Nikki has feelings for Tyler.
  • This is Wes's first appearance since Howloween.
  • Avery mentions the way she and Wes bonded in Howloween.
  • Stan refutes Avery's "millions of people speak Spanish" with "billions of people speak Chinese".


  • Stan says he has no idea who Wes is. But in Too Short, Stan knew exactly who Wes was and even gave him a narration.
  • Nikki says that "El Babuino" is Spanish for "A Baboon"; however, the proper translation is "Un Babuino". ("El" is Spanish for "The".)


  • Avery: Hold up a minute! Wes is here.
  • Stan: Who?
  • Avery: Wes, a boy from school I like.

  • Wes: Do you speak Spanish?
  • Avery: Of course, I speak Spanish. Everyone should speak Spanish. 

  • Stan: Speak Spanish yet?
  • Avery: No.

  • Avery: Am I gonna get in trouble?
  • Nikki: Si, mucho.

  • Avery: Today's Thursday.


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