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Kevin plays Realm of the Tower with Stan.

Kevin (A.K.A. Kilgore) is a boy, about Avery's age, who plays Realm of the Tower with "Poodlelover152" (Stan). In World of Woofcraft, Avery enacts "Poodlelover152" for Stan during the Realm of The Tower game players gathering, where Avery realizes Kevin isn't just a game nerd and starts to connect with him. But during a prolonged final battle, Avery and Stan fight over him, and he kills Poodlelover152 out of frustration. Stan and Avery hate him afterwards, so they take revenge via teaming up with each other and killing Kevin’s Avatar, causing him to lose all of his Avatar’s items and restart the entire level.

Kevin likes art, and his personality is somewhat similar to Avery (high tempered, creative, sometimes takes extreme measures). He can be extremely rude when frustrated, if not irrational and unreasonable entirely, given his hasty decision to immediately kill Stan’s Avatar simply because of his loss on a prolonged online battle. His first and only appearance was "World of Woofcraft".

He is portrayed by Garret Ryan.


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