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Karl Finds Out Stan's Secret is the 23rd episode in Season 2 of Dog With a Blog.


Karl, the James-Jennings' family neighbor, reveals to the kids that he knows Stan's secret. He had been spying on them in various episodes (including "Stan Talks to Gran", "Stan Runs Away", "Stan's Old Owner", "Avery-body Dance Now", "Stan-ing Guard", "The Parrot Trap", "Avery's Wild Party" and "My Parents Posted What?!"). Even when Stan ran off! How did he get all the way up there? The kids worry that he will tell everyone, so they send a text to his Mom saying he was spying on them, which he was. He claimed he wouldn't tell anyone, because he saw how much Stan meant to them. So the kids helped Karl grab his Mom's phone and delete the text before she saw it. Bennet was working on his new book, and Ellen didn't like it because she thought it made everyone look foolish.  


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  • It is revealed that Karl doesn't have an imagination.
  • This episode is notably a clip show.
  • It turns out that Karl found out Stan's secret in Stan Talks to Gran.
  • The song from Stan Runs Away was sung in this episode
  • Season 1 and 2 scenes were played throughout the episode
  • This is Stan's shortest time in an episode.


  • There are several clips in this episode that the character should have no idea that happened.
    • It would have been impossible for Karl to remember Stan wearing a secretary from Avery's Wild Party as It was only In Avery's head.
    • Bennett's warped views of how he holds the family together includes him tripping over a gate from The Parrot Trap, but that was a thought Avery had discussed that with Ellen.


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