Innuendo is a portion of jokes and content that is aimed to older teens and young adults, in order to attract these viewers to the show.

Innuendos in episodes

Season 1

Stan of the House

  • Stan says "And now a treat for my own!" and turns on an internet website of hot poodles 


  • When Nikki bought the house next door, Stan says "I've marked that territory so many times it should be mine!" implying that he urinated on the location.

World of Woofcraft

  • Stan calls Avery "Ave-retard."
  • When Stan tells Avery that Kilgore (Kevin) doesn't know he's a dog and realizes that Kilgore heard, he covers up by saying "A dog with the ladies."
  • Bennett says that Ellen is experiencing the consequences of Gamer Juice, similar to having a hangover after excessively drinking alcoholic beverages.

Dog Loses Girl

  • Avery and Tyler mention something in a conversation.
    • Tyler: Yeah, you're always complaing about not having enough husband and wife time, whatever that means...
    • Avery: Well, I think it means-
    • Tyler: I know what it means, I just don't want to think about it.
  • Stan licks Bennett while he is asleep and he says "Honey we're in public"

Freaky Fido

  • Avery's movie poster shows Tyler (in Stan's body) using a urinal.

The Truck Stops Here

  • When Avery tells Bennett and Ellen about Tyler working at The Truck Stops Here, Chloe says "He has no business being a father!" Bennett and Ellen say "WHAT!" But Chloe was talking about her soap opera.

Stan Talks to Gran

  • When Stan says that the kids want "embarrassing[1] stories about their dad", Gran replies, "I'm sure the housekeeper has plenty of those." Because a housekeeper usually does things like cleaning (more specifically, laundry) it could imply that Bennett had frequent wet dreams as an adolescent.

Season 2


When Tyler talks to a girl he says he is "six-y" implying that he is sexy.

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