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Arrest this girl for being annoying.

Heather is a new neighbor on Season 3 of Dog With a Blog.

About Heather

Her family just moved in the neighborhood. She is very stuck up, snobby and mean. She doesn't want to associate herself and her dog Princess with the Jennings-James family. She is rich and spoiled so she doesn't like to be nice to other people. She has blonde hair and almost always wears an expensive-looking dress. She is considered to be a hypocrite as claimed to the public that she is saving animals, but actually hates puppies as she finds them to be gross and complained about Stan barking. Her main quote is, "Gross."

Episode Appearances

Season 3


  • Her family moved from Michigan to Pasadena.
  • She can't sing.
  • She loves performing musicals, but not watching them.
  • She cares about Princess's happiness.
  • She bought her dog a car.
  • She has a crush on Karl, as revealed in Stan Has Puppies.
  • She's appeared more than she actually is mentioned.
  • She hates Gracie,Freddy, Avery, and Stan.
  • She is similar to Sharpay Evans from High School Musical and London Tipton from The Suite Life.

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