Leona "Gator" Adams is The Hawk's sister and Emily's mother. She is portrayed by Stephanie Hodge.

Character History

In Tyler Gets a Grillfriend, Gator took over The Hawk's food truck while he was away. She introduces Tyler to her daughter, Emily, and mistakenly leads him to believe that she wants them to start dating. She makes it clear that she does not want Tyler dating her daughter because he is a "player", but agrees to let them date at the end of the episode after overhearing Ellen and Avery talk about independence.


Gator is tough and very protective of her daughter. She can be very tense, but loosens up at the end of Tyler Gets a Grillfriend.


  • The Hawk is her brother.
  • Her real name is Leona Adams.
  • She hates it when people call her Leona.
  • She calls the Heimlich the "hug-and-chuck" because she thinks it sounds more American.
  • She always winks when she says "If you know what I mean".


Season 2