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Freddy Chuckie James is a character on Dog With a Blog. He debuted during the episode "Stan Has Puppies".

Character Biography

Freddy was born to Princess and Stan in the episode Stan Has Puppies with his sister Gracie. In The Puppies Talk, it was revealed he has the same ability as his father, talking. He looks exactly like his dad, Stan.


Freddy looks like his dad, Stan. In all of the episodes, Freddy is a mutt who is Heather's dog's puppy although when he was first born, he had curlier hair.


Freddy is the son of Princess and Stan and the Older Twin Brother of Gracie.he is very sweet and laid back like his father but is a bit of a airhead he is seen to very curious and ornery and often getting himself and His sister Gracie into trouble.he is often seen to be playing games with his father and sister.he enjoys playing pranks on his father and his owners thanks to Stan teaching how to use to soundboard app.he is seen to be a little sneaky too especially when him and his sister took their mother from her house to hide and jump down a hole.


  • "There's the sugar!"
  • "I'm hungry."
  • "What's a squirrel?"
  • "My feet smell like corn chips."
  • "We're playing tennis!"
  • "I peed on my sister"
  • "I can see our house from here."
  • "My chew toy tastes like Avery. Yuck."
  • "Your name is Gracie which rhymes with dumb-facey."
  • "Stop teasing me."
  • "Stop copying me."
  • "I'm stupid. Hey!"
  • "Dada, Gracie made me call me stupid!"
  • "I eat rabbit poop in the yard."
  • "One, two, three, four, five."
  • "A cow says, 'Moo.' A sheep says, 'Baa.'"
  • "Hi, I'm talking too!"
  • (singing) "Dog"


  • Freddy and his sister was never supposed to be born. In a earlier episode, long before Stan met Princess, Stan had said he never had a desire to love and have children, especially after a weird weekend at the vet. Unbeknownst to him, this meant that Stan was neutered, cutting off possibility of breeding.
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