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Dustin Pitt was Avery's crush and later on, her first boyfriend, until they broke up in Avery's First Breakup.


Dustin asks Avery to be his girlfriend

Avery had a huge crush on him, so Nikki helped Avery get the attention of Dustin. After watching a movie together, Avery begins to worry that he doesn't like her, but the next day he asks her to be his girlfriend. They broke up not too long after, which was hard for Avery. He looks up to Tyler James very much, mostly because of his great bike riding skills.


Dustin is about the same height as Avery, and has short, brown hair.


Avery Jennings

Avery's art wall in Avery's First Crush

They both have crushes on each other. In Avery's First Crush, Dustin asks Avery to be his girlfriend but then in Avery's First Breakup, he broke up with Avery. He is never mentioned after.

Tyler James

Dustin looks up to Tyler because he is a good bike rider. He first didn't know that Tyler was Avery's brother. In Avery's First Crush, Tyler stays with them while watching a movie in order to do his of a deal.


Season 1


  • "You're Avery, right?"
  • "See you at school."
  • "I like you too!"
  • "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?"
  • "Whatever you say Tyler!"
  • "Oh my Gosh! You're Tyler James!"


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