Dogs Rule! Cats...Not so much
The program's logo.
Voices of Stephen Full
Country of origin United States
Original language English
Camera setup Multi-Camera
Running time 2014
Original channel Disney Channel
Dogs Rule! Cats...Not so much is a short program hosted by Stan, star of Dog With a Blog, and Meghan, a gray, longhair cat. The 2-3 minute program sometimes airs after an episode of the show and its format remains the same, featuring compilations of funny animal videos of dogs, bears, fish, and cats.


The program is shown after an episode of Dog with a Blog. The viewers (and dogs) are given a warm greeting by Stan (sometimes accompanied by Robert) and from Meghan, a gray longhair cat. 3 funny videos featuring animals are played (in a similar fashion to America's Funniest Animals) and Stan gives his say on each one. Then, a video clip featuring a cat doing a hysterical gag is shown to wrap up the episode, simply as a means of jokingly annoying Meghan. In the end, Stan would try to cheer up Meghan to enjoy herself as he bids farewell to the audience.



  1. Awesome Dog Athletes
  2. Heroic Hound
  3. Dogs Got Talent
  4. Dogs vs. Cats
  5. Snack Time
  6. Stan's Fan Club
  7. Bears in a Hammock
  8. Tough Dogs
  9. High Diving Penguin
  10. Pool Table Pup