Hit me with a slybrow, pleaseeee!
— Darcy to Tyler in Good Girl Gone Bad

Darcy Stewart is a young little girl who is best friends with Chloe James.

Darcy is portrayed by Ella Anderson.                

Character History


Darcy and Chloe fighting each other in Stan's Old Owner.

In Stan's Old Owner, Chloe and Darcy got along terribly until the girls bonded over, seemingly destroying their parents' friendship. In Good Girl Gone Bad, Chloe and Darcy manipulate Tyler into giving them what they want by telling him that Darcy doesn't like him and they seem to have become best friends


Darcy has bright brown, medium/shoulder length hair. She has brown eyes and is the average height for someone in her age group. She is about an inch taller than Chloe and has fair skin.


In Good Girl Gone Bad.


Darcy is a little girl who is known to be very fiesty. She is also very manipulative, and "enjoys" fighting Chloe. Darcy is not very good at not admitting she dislikes someone or something (as was the case when Tyler said some words that made her like him).


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Darcy Stewart Bodyshot

Darcy is glamoured by Tyler's slybrow.

  • "I'm gonna rip your head off!"
  • "It's not vominous, you're vominous!"
  • "She stole my nose."
  • "Fine I like you more."



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