Barry Barnes is Bennett James' editor and boss responsible for publishing his books.


Barry was in his office when he receives a phone call from Stan (unknown to him he is talking to a dog). The phone call was only made because Stan and the kids thought Bennett sent him his hard drive, which initially carried Stan's blog. And now, they try to convince him to not publish it yet. During the conversation, Stan told Barry he needed to focus, to which Barry tells his assistant Marcus to remind him to focus. Stan says hurtful things to Barry, which push him to fire Bennett after he picks up the phone and becomes disappointed about it.

Realizing that Bennett never sent Barry the hard drive of Stan's blog, Stan and the kids try to find a way to fix their mistake. Stan decides to talk to him personally even if it means giving up his secret to the world.

The next day, Barry (who is blindfolded) is approached by Stan in his office and he tells Barry he should hire Bennett back because he is not doing well. The kids realize he could be making a big mistake by what he's doing when they find him with Barry. The kids talk to Stan and unknown to them, Barry listens to their conversation about being a family, where Barry cuts in every time saying he knows what it feels like being there. After they finish, Barry has a change of heart and hires Bennett back so his book can be published.